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Sorority Life – Yes one of those annoying Facebook games

Awesome - so money CAN buy love!

A work colleague reacently mentioned Sorority Life over lunch. Normally Facebook games annoy me no end, but in the interests of science, I entered the secret world of sororities.

You are going to uni so you join a sorority. The more events you do and “sisters” in your “house,” the more “power” you have.

You can make an hour of your life disappear.
Hideously addictive.
In game games.
Some nice outfits and accessories.

You buy your boyfriends.
You can stalk your sister’s boyfriend and steal him (apparently guys like to be stalked – who knew!).
You get cred by attacking girls not in your house – extra cred for destroying their lives.
You are encouraged to fight with other girls.
There are WalkOffs where you pit your sense of game style against another.
Since when does a uni student need 5 cars?
Not convinced I will still be playing in another 2 days.

What all good uni students are wearing these days

This game encourages rampant materialism, ego, stereotypes and just down right unacceptable behaviour.

On the other hand it is hilarious checking out what other people see as fashionable and watching guys play sorority sisters.

Oh yeah – the chick with the stupid hair in the first pic is my character – a huge failure in every aspect of the game, but at least she doesn’t have that burny sensation all the other girls have!


PS> I have a pet otter – want to make something of it?